Our High THC strains collection, is a series of hand picked cannabis strains which give the ultimate % of THC. These are seriously strong, and can offer a whole host of effects. Thus, the highs vary from hallucinations, through to a truly spectacular knockout stone.

The euphoric cerebral effects of these marijuana seeds will keep your mind stimulated and can even increase your creativity. So, make sure you are prepared for these true THC monsters which contain a minimum of 20% THC.

While THC is the main driver of potency, it’s important to understand the important role terpenes play in enhancing and shaping the strain’s high.

However, Terpenes like myrcene, linalool, and limonene refer to aromatic compounds that lend cannabis its unique array of smells, and a cannabis strain rich in both terpenes and THC often delivers a more remarkable experience than a product that lacks chemical diversity.

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